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Management Liability for Newsagents

Are you and your personal assets protected against the following?

When you’re running a business, you may be 
personally liable for any actual or alleged breaches of the Corporations Act. And it’s not just large companies that are exposed - small and medium business owners and officers could be at risk as well.

Management Liability insurance covers the costs of defending directors, managers and employees against any claims that are the result of their actions or decisions.

Are you and your personal assets protected against the following?

Allegations/Claims of wrongful acts by owners, or senior personnel. 

Allegations/Claims made by employees resulting from employment practices e.g. unsafe workplace (cluttered space), insufficient training (lifting and carrying) allegations of harassment, bullying, wrongful dismissal.

Fines and Penalties.

It is becoming more and more frequent that as business owners claims are bought against the “individuals” as well as the legal entity.

Aviso Qsure have been involved in the Newsagent Industry for more than 20 years and we have developed an insurance policy that is extremely cost effective, whilst protecting you and your assets for the responsibilities of being a business owner/manager. Cover also includes

Tax Audit Coverage.

Extension for Cyber Protection (optional).

For peace of mind and a no obligation quote please contact us to discuss how to protect you personally from financial losses arising from your business operations.

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